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Step 1-  Install Software Step 2 - Attach Drives Step 3 - Copy, Backup or Restore Disk Step 4 - Complete

Step 4: Returning Copied Drive to Sky Box

  1. Remove the copied drive from your PC or Caddy and install back in your Sky+ box. Remember to change the jumper back to "Cable Select" (if you changed it) first!

  2. Power up your Sky+ box and start enjoying your enlarged recording capacity!

    Do not perform a Full System Reset on your new drive! This would erase all your copied recordings! A Full System Reset is only required on a brand new empty drive to "format" it - Copy+ has already performed all the formatting necessary when it copied over your recordings.

  3. As a precaution I would recommend a "Planner Rebuild" on any drive returned to Sky+ after being in your PC. On your Sky+ remote press: Services -> Settings -> 0 1 Select and then select "Planner Rebuild".

  4. After a planner rebuild your box will turn off automatically. Wait a few minutes, before turning on and you are all done!

We hope your new disk will give you many years of trouble free service. However, if you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact us.

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