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Step 1-  Install Software Step 2 - Attach Drives Step 3 - Copy, Backup or Restore Disk Step 4 - Complete

Step 2: Attach Drives to your PC or Laptop

Please select how you intend to connect your drives to your PC or laptop:

Attach Drives via External USB Caddies (Recommended)

Click here if you are going to attach your drives to your PC or laptop using External USB Caddies

This is the recommended way of using Copy+, especially if you are not experienced with PC maintenance, or only have a laptop available.

Also select this option if you only have one external caddy available. When copying you can backup and restore your Sky disk to an image file on your PC hard drive as an intermediate step (assuming sufficient disk space).

Attach Drives via Internal ATA Connection

Click here if you are going to attach your drives to your PC using Internal ATA Connection

To use this option for Sky+ you will require at least one free (Parallel) ATA controller on your PC. For SkyHD you will require the newer (Serial) SATA controller.

This option is only recommended for the more experienced user who is familiar with installing PC drives.

Attach Drives using both External USB and Internal ATA

Click here if you will be using both an External USB Caddy, and an Internal ATA Connection to attach your drives

Use this option if you only have one External USB Caddy available for the copy.

In order to minimise problems, we recommend connecting the existing Sky drive on the External USB Caddy, and the destination disk on the Internal ATA.

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