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Step 1-  Install Software Step 2 - Attach Drives Step 3 - Copy, Backup or Restore Disk Step 4 - Complete

Step 1: Software Installation

  1. Install the software by running the Copy+Installer.exe you downloaded. If you are upgrading from a previous version of Copy+ there is no need to uninstall the old version first.

  2. If you are running any of the following on your PC system:

    • Virus Scanners or Anti-Spyware applications (most should be safe to use on Sky+ drives, but we cannot guarantee it)

    • Automated disk defragmenters

    • Disk performance enhancers

    We'd strongly recommend disabling them for the duration of the copy procedure. The last thing you want is for these utilities to start trying to change or fix things on your Sky+ disk. One to pay particular attention to is Norton SystemWorks which has been known to destroy recordings on a Sky+ drive when running in "auto-protect all disks mode"

  3. If you have the Sky Anytime service available on your box, and you wish to save time during the copy you can delete all your Anytime recordings before removing the disk from the Sky box. See under Services, Anytime TV Setup in the Sky box menus. Alternatively you can simply omit the Anytime recordings from the copy process in Copy+.

  4. Before powering down and removing the disk from your Sky box, it is advisable to place the Sky box in standby and wait for the hard drive to spin down. This will ensure that any outstanding data is written to the disk and it is in a consistent state before connecting to your PC.

  5. Once installation is complete, you are ready to attach your Sky disk drives to your PC.

Next Step 2: Attach Drives to your PC or Laptop

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